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We bring the future of machine learning to the service and sales world

For decades, companies have been trying to cope with a low-motivation workforce problem that fails to read the customer and analyze its true need.
We have the solution


Knowledge and experience are power

system that learns the dynamics of conversation and replicates winning conversations with customers

An artificial intelligence The system analyses the experience of a rep with 3-5 years' experience and passes it on to a new representative, we accelerate the learning process by up to 800%

We Solve Real Problems

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we are Social​

Good worker This happy worker We are social beings and it is important for us to create a connection between the employees, regardless of their location, the system connects all delegates to create a community, with goals, games and motivation for competition.

Machine learning

A system that studies and analyzes calls to work with successful scripts

Smart recruitment system

The system allows every representative to work from different parts of the world with the tools he has in the office and the framework that creates him discipline and social atmosphere


Experts sit behind the system to analyze future strategies of the company's service / sales systems to determine future development that improves performance


Our system uses physiological linguistic routing to create successful conversational script models

Content Marketing​

Marketing is the most important goal, even a customer who is happy about good service From our point of view, it is right marketing, we focus on the goals of every right marketing representative, whether it is sales or service

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